Duncan’s Italy Diary – Day 2

OMG. what an amazing day!
Left the ferry in Zeebrugge after watching Brother Nettleship deplete its stores significantly during breakfast.
Travelled to Brussels and then on to Luxembourg. Have to say I am quite shocked, the people all look really normal but as soon as they open their mouths you realise they are actually foreign.

If anyone is looking for a job then the one to go for is with the Belgium mountain rescue service! They must be ever so quiet poor buggers cos there is not much their, lots of cows and for some strange reason guys walking small dogs.
Didn’t get to see much of Luxembourg which is a shame as I remember as a kid listening to radio Luxembourg and thinking I bet that is a great place to visit (will try better next time) turned south at Luxembourg and headed into France, gosh the French drivers put the English to shame, no one hogs the fast lane and most people let you pass, pretty cool really.
Stopped off at a garage and that’s where I developed a bit of a problem with my electrics, it really is an easy problem to fix and will be done tomorrow but it meant that I had to ride for 300 miles knowing there was a fault so it played on my mind being so far from home. Stopped at a cafe / petrol station and was served by the grumpiest Frenchman ever, can’t all have good days eh?

Biking in Europe is great and as ever am amazed by how friendly other bikers are the world over, it’s so much easier on the continent to acknowledge other bikers as well cos driving the wrong way round means your hand is free to wave to other bikes instead of just nodding…….I like that.
The little villages here are beautiful and I would so recommend taking a trip down this way to anyone, the road reminded me a hell of a lot of the springs junction road and driving around Dunedin………weird.
Arrived at Basencon and found an absolutely stunning town, walked to the bar area and had a couple of beers before getting very rowdy and loud in a kebab shop but the owner thought we were German so we let that nationality take the blame for that.

One small point! Had to pay 50 cents to have a wee today! Pretty gobsmacked about that and will be writing a letter to my euro MP when I get home, I don’t think we should pay a penny to have a wee cos we saved their asses in WWII. (Bleedin garlic munching surrender monkeys)
More tomorrow! Sleep now after such a mega ride today.