Local Information

This page covers mostly links to local authority resources such as travel information and fault reporting.

Local Authority Transport Info

Leeds Travel Info

All aspects of traffic in Leeds, including roadworks, traffic CCTV, parking, and links to other useful sites.

Bradford Roadworks

Make sure you click on “customize my map” and select what you want to view.

Highways England

Covering trunk roads and motorways

Leeds and Bradford Highways Departments

Leeds Highways

Homepage for Leeds City Council highways department

Bradford Highways

Fault reporting

Highway faults can be inconvenient for car users, and lethal for bike riders. Leeds and Bradford both have ways to report a number of different highways faults.



Barriers, Bollards, Signs and Other Problems


Another way to report faults is via Fix My Street which allows you to highlight problems on a map, add photos, and see if there’s any other faults nearby. In our experience Leeds Council prefers people to use their own system, but either works.