Duncan’s Italy Diary – Day 3

Dear diary.

What a great morning to wake up to. Great nights sleep and a nice ‘continental’ breakfast (hark at me), Manny sustained a toilet related injury (please contact Manny at your leisure to attain the details) and then it was time to vacate the premises, more twiddling with the electrics and we were off travelling South towards Switzerland and what an amazing road it was as well for ’twas the smoothest silkiest Tarmac in Christendom, unfortunately at this point the madness took me and I could not resist powering up and taking some of these corners at proper knee scraping speeds, gliding round the corners like a red arrow of speeding VFR Lightning, my TT sliders gently bumped the Swiss Tarmac when suddenly I remembered that the panniers were actually a tad wider than the angle I was aiming for, best power down with many apologies to road captain brother Nettleship for breaking formation…………..I am sure that there is a high probability it’s going to happen again!
We took the N9 from the hotel to Lausanne and stopped for a fantastic cup of coffee and crepes on the shores of the lake.
After a short break we took the road to Martigny via Montrose. Montrose looked a bit snooty so we didn’t stop and continued up into the Alps. OMG the Alps, I am a bit shamed to say it but the Alps here dwarf the NZ Alps in stature and beauty and I could of happily stopped every 100 yards to take pictures.

3 amazing facts about Switzerland………..

1) The Swiss have the most amazing biking roads and every manhole cover is completely flush with the Tarmac, how can they do this and we can’t?
2) It is probably one of the most beautiful places ever to the point I am already thinking of coming back with Linzi and the boys.
3) The Swiss women do stand out because each and every one of them has a bottom that looks like two hard boiled eggs in a handkerchief.

So we ended up in the hotel Fully in Martigny and I can’t help think of my old friend Andrew Lunt……….Lunty I am not sure where you live in Switzerland but the country is only 3 inches long on the ordinance map so you have no excuse to nip out for a pint.
Sat outside with a pint of Swiss beer and looking at the spectacular scenery was cool but going out to the local kellers was even better!
Myself and Manny drank an entire pub dry of wheat beer and then on to sample authentic Swiss cuisine and have to say it was the best kebab ever! Back to the hotel for a laugh and story telling with a couple more beers and now bed.
Gosh what a great day, what will tomorrow’s exciting adventures bring? For this and many more exciting tales tune in the same time tomorrow.

Nighty night.