Leeds MAG Comedy, Curry and Cupcake night

At the last Leeds MAG AGM in February, I asked for fresh ideas for fundraising, to stop things getting stale…………step forward Helen Taylor with the idea of a comedy night!
A date of 23rd July was set and Lynn the landlady of our meeting pub offered to make a curry and it was also suggested that, with all the fantastic bakers in the ranks of the Leeds MAG ladies, cupcakes (buns!) would be made and sold. The plan was formed for the inaugural Leeds MAG Comedy, Curry and Cupcake night!
The main comedian, the brilliant Danny Pensive, offered to do an extremely discounted price if we were to include a charity in the recipients of any profit, so it was decided that we would split the money 50/50 between MAG and the NABD.
Helen managed to secure the services of four more comedians over the following few weeks and the interest around the night grew very quickly. On the day, Kate, our treasurer, made ninety six cupcakes and some of the other girls also dusted off their pinnies for the cause. The evening started with me arriving at The Cross Keys to find it turned into a comedy club! Tables and chairs laid out with a sound system in place on the stage.
People started to arrive from very early and soon the car park was overflowing with bikes and cars to the point that people were having to park in the chippy’s car park over the road.
After our MC for the night, Patrick Devine, had got things warmed up nicely we had a set each from two local up and coming comedians, Karl White and Simon D Heaven who both went down well. This was followed by a break for the curry supper, which was fantastic and roundly enjoyed by everyone.
Next up was the deadpan James Christopher and then the main attraction, Danny Pensive who absolutely brought the house down! The night was a roaring success, with lots of happy, smiling faces asking when the next one will be.
When we totted up we made £398 profit, so it was rounded up to make it £200 each for MAG and the NABD. A fantastic effort all round and extremely enjoyable to boot.
See you at the next one……