Leeds City Council Transport Consultation

In addition to the WYCA consultation, Leeds City Council have decided to carry out their own  consultation. Throughout our work with the West Yorkshire councils, Leeds council have been transparently pro cycle and anti motorcycle. Filling in surveys like this can help to get our concerns moved up the agenda. Considering cycles have had £38 million spent on their safety in the last year and motorcycles have had nothing (and haven’t even been given use of bus lanes at a cost of nothing in real terms) when both are classed as vulnerable road users, it’s nothing short of a disgrace! Please fill in this survey, mention bus lanes, secure parking, encouraging PTW’s, helmet lockers for commuters etc. Share it with fellow bikers and encourage them to fill it in. The more of us that fill it in, the more chance we have of getting our voices heard. Thanks in advance. The consultation is available at http://www.leeds.gov.uk/residents/Pages/Leeds-transport-conversations.aspx and will be open until the 20th of September 2016.