Tracking Highways Faults

As part of our discussions with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority we want to track how effective local councils are at fixing highway faults. Leeds MAG covers the Leeds and Bradford council areas so those are the areas we’re interested in. If there’s a fault near you, report it using their official reporting service and let us know what happens, via Facebook or one of our meetings. In our experience Leeds council tends to complain about tight budgets if the fault is too big, but they’re more responsive if it’s something like a pothole on a major route that could affect road safety.

We want 3 people in each local authority area to report a fault, follow its progress to completion (or not) and let us know how long it takes.

The official fault reporting page for Leeds City Council is at:

The page for Bradford Metropolitan District Council allows you to choose the type of fault to report at:

Please do not use third party services such as Fix My Street for the purposes of this exercise. We want to see how quickly they respond via their official channels.