19th May Meeting

Hi everyone,
Just a quick reminder that tonight is the second Leeds MAG meeting of May at The Royal Hotel in Pudsey (LS28 8PR).
We’ve got plenty to discuss, especially the upcoming demo ride on Saturday (23rd May meeting at Squires from 11am, to leave at 12)
It’s important that we get a good turnout on this ride as we want to really make a point on two issues.
Firstly, most forward thinking cities allow motorcycles in bus lanes, to help reduce congestion and ease the flow of traffic. Leeds City council recently rejected our application to gain access to bus lanes in Leeds. This could have ramifications throughout West Yorkshire since the new West Yorkshire Combined Transport Authority has been created – another meeting will be held in June where we aim to make more productive progress.
Secondly the recent formation of the  West Yorkshire Combined Transport Authority started with a consultation on it’s proposed 20 year transport plan in which not only was there not one mention of motorcycles (PTW’s) but possibly even worse, from the last transport plan, motorcycles have actually been removed!
We must make our voice heard – we are part of the solution to a lot of the transport problems we face, we are not the problem.
Please share this info far and wide and tell every motorcyclist that you know – it’s important to raise our profile.
See you on Saturday at Squires from 11
Ride safe