6th Jan 2015 Meeting

Happy new year to everyone,

This coming Tuesday (6th) is our first meeting of 2015 @ The Royal Hotel, Pudsey (LS28 8PR) from 8pm.

We’ve got plenty of things to chat about and the Demo ride to start planning, so why not start the year by coming along and joining in with your local group – without the members involvement there is no group! Tuesday 20th Jan is the Leeds MAG AGM @ The Royal, Pudsey – all positions are up for re election (Leeds MAG Roles On The Committee).

If you’d like to get more involved with the running of Leeds MAG put yourself forward – you’ll be made more than welcome.

We now have tickets for our “Evening with Austin Vince” event on sale. They’re available from Squires Cafe, Leeds MAG meetings or on our website using paypal (oooooo get us getting all posh). For anyone that hasn’t heard of Austin Vince, he did the longest land route (44,000 miles)around the world in the shortest possible time with 6 mates, with no backup, financial support, sat nav etc. and was one of the inspirations for Ewan and Charlie’s Long Way Round trip. For anyone who hasn’t seen one of his talks, you’re in for a treat and we can potentially raise good money for MAG, so your support is needed – at £7.50 its a bargain night out.

The upcoming events list is filling up nicely – again, your support is needed to make all our events a success. Here’s hoping that 2015 brings plenty of dry roads and good riding.

Ride safe