Riding the Demo Ride

Saturday the 23rd of May was our annual demo ride. This year we had two main aims: to highlight our ongoing campaign for bikes to be allowed in bus lanes, and to protest about West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s omission of motorbikes in their 20 year transport policy consultation. We also wanted to let the people of Leeds know that we exist and that riding bikes can be fun and an alternative means of transport instead of cars or buses. Before the event we got in touch with local press to let them know what we were up to. There’s an article in the Yorkshire Evening Post, and another on the BBC website. Our media officer did an interview for Radio Leeds (at 1:07:00 and 2:07:00 for as long as it’s available at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02r97m6). Radio Leeds also interviewed James Lewis, chair of the WYCA Transport Committee, immediately after the 2:07 interview and he promised to hold workshops with us in June and July. Let’s make sure he doesn’t forget… We also made the top story on Look North.
"You're on camera!"
As for the ride itself, everyone will have their own experiences and stories. What follows is your webmaster’s experiences of the day.
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Leeds MAG Demo Ride 2015

Demo Ride 2015

To raise awareness of Leeds MAG`s campaign to allow bikes in bus lanes.
Meeting at Squires Cafe Bar, Newthorpe, LS25 5LX from 11am for a prompt departure at 12 noon.
The demo ride will proceed through Leeds city centre on a learner friendly route to finish at the New Inn Eccup LS16 8AU
All bikes, trikes and scooters welcome.

There will be a party & camp over at the New Inn Eccup
Camping £5pp inc full English Breakfast
Selection of real ales, good bar food
Live music from “Like it or lump it”
Please let us know via Facebook if you will be camping over so we can arrange catering 🙂

19th May Meeting

Hi everyone,
Just a quick reminder that tonight is the second Leeds MAG meeting of May at The Royal Hotel in Pudsey (LS28 8PR).
We’ve got plenty to discuss, especially the upcoming demo ride on Saturday (23rd May meeting at Squires from 11am, to leave at 12)
It’s important that we get a good turnout on this ride as we want to really make a point on two issues.
Firstly, most forward thinking cities allow motorcycles in bus lanes, to help reduce congestion and ease the flow of traffic. Leeds City council recently rejected our application to gain access to bus lanes in Leeds. This could have ramifications throughout West Yorkshire since the new West Yorkshire Combined Transport Authority has been created – another meeting will be held in June where we aim to make more productive progress.
Secondly the recent formation of the  West Yorkshire Combined Transport Authority started with a consultation on it’s proposed 20 year transport plan in which not only was there not one mention of motorcycles (PTW’s) but possibly even worse, from the last transport plan, motorcycles have actually been removed!
We must make our voice heard – we are part of the solution to a lot of the transport problems we face, we are not the problem.
Please share this info far and wide and tell every motorcyclist that you know – it’s important to raise our profile.
See you on Saturday at Squires from 11
Ride safe

Leeds MAG 5th May Meeting

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow is the first meeting in May for Leeds MAG. We’re meeting at the usual place of The Royal Hotel in Pudsey (LS28 8PR) from 8ish.

We’ve loads to discuss with the Mondo Enduro event, hustings, Into the Valley rally that we’ve had and the Demo Ride and campover at the end of the month to finalise.

Hopefully you’ll have filled in the West Yorkshire combined transport questionnaire I sent out a couple of weeks ago. We just managed to get on that in time, and hopefully they’ll take some notice of it and get PTW’s included – the demo ride will help raise awareness of this issue.

On the back of this West Yorkshire wide transport policy, we have been in touch with both Huddersfield (who cover Halifax too) and Wakefield to create a joint Motorcycle Action Group West Yorkshire committee to tackle this issue in a combined assault. I’ll keep you informed with any progress we make.

Finally Friday December 11th we’re having a bit of a Christmas do and heading up to Newcastle to see rockabilly legends, Bessie and the Zinc Buckets. If you fancy joining us, bring £18 to the meeting tomorrow and I’ll order you a ticket.

Hope to see you tomorrow.

Ride safe

West Yorkshire Combined Authority Single Transport Plan


West Yorkshire Combined Authority was set up on the 1st April 2014. It takes over responsibility for a number of strategic issues, most pertinently taking over from West Yorkshire Integrated/Passenger Transport Authority for transport. There is a consultation taking place into a 20 year transport plan which closes on the 30th of April 2015 which makes no mention at all of motorbikes and other powered two wheelers. We only found about it a few days ago. The survey itself is pretty short and will only take about 15 minutes to read and complete. To make sure that we are considered in the plans – we are vulnerable road users after all – PLEASE take a few minutes out of your day to make your thoughts known via the survey link on the web page – they want to know our views, so let’s tell them – nicely but firmly. You might want to include in your response some or all of the following:

How do you come up with a plan that takes no heed of motorcyclists (riders of Powered Two Wheelers) needs?
Motorcycles cause less pollution, ease congestion and reduce pressure on parking places
They are also a third of the group of Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs)
You have a duty to reduce ALL road casualties and to exclude us as VRUs is irresponsible and bordering on the criminal
Unless you include motorcyclists in your future plans they are not accurate nor fair and thus are flawed and not a vision for the future


The link is http://www.westyorks-ca.gov.uk/stp-survey/.

Remember, it closes on Thursday the 30th of April 2015 so there isn’t much time left.

21st April 2015 Meeting and Hustings

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow is the second Leeds MAG meeting in April and we’ve got something a little bit different.

We’ve managed to get some prospective MP’s to come along and answer our questions on motorcycle related issues. We’ve got candidates from the Conservatives, UKIP and Greens coming. The Lib Dems are playing hard to get, but I hope to secure them. Unfortunately the Labour candidate is double booked and cannot attend.

It should be an enlightening night, so please come along to the usual venue of The Royal Hotel in Pudsey (LS28 8PR) from 8pm.

The ongoing campaign to get bikes in bus lanes took a turn last week when we received a notification from Leeds City council that PTW’s wouldn’t be allowed in bus lanes. It seems that Leeds has become the lead authority for West Yorkshire and there is now going to be a West Yorkshire combined transport policy.

The bus lane knock back in Leeds will have an affect on the whole of West Yorkshire and even more worrying is the fact the West Yorkshire combined authority has published a consultation on transport policy that they don’t seem to have widely published. The consultation ends on 30th April and it has NO mention whatsoever of motorcycles so we ALL need to get on it and take 15 minutes to fill it in – this will have an affect on our future so it’s important that we get as many bikers to respond as possible.

The link is http://www.westyorks-ca.gov.uk/stp-survey.

Hope to see as many of you as possible tomorrow.

Ride safe

7th April 2015 Meeting

Hi everyone
Spring has sprung and I hope you’re all enjoying it.

Tomorrow is the first Leeds MAG meeting of April @ The Royal Hotel LS28 8PR from 8pm, as always we’ve lots to discuss as we’ve been very busy.

The next meeting is an election hustings. We’ve invited the five main political parties candidates that are standing for MP’s to field questions from the floor – should be an interesting evening – all welcome.

Mondo Enduro – An Evening with Austin Vince is a week on Saturday (18th April) – Mondo Enduro has recently been voted the best bike movie of all time! And Austin is the man that did it! If we can sell this out we’ll make a great donation to MAG so get yourself along for a fun evening at Squires – you’ll not regret it 😉

Ride safe

The 4th Leeds MAG Comedy Night

Yes – it’s back! Get it in your diary!

Comedy Night 4

The fourth Leeds MAG Comedy Night is fast approaching and will be returning to its home – The new look Cross Keys, Britannia Road, Morley, Leeds

On the bill to date:
Dean Moore
Lulu Reubens
Lembit Opik
Roland Gent

And where would we be without our MC, the Divine Patrick Devine?!

You know the deal – tickets are £5.00 – for that you’ll get your comedy and your curry – in advance and on the door (if there’s any left). They’ll be available from Leeds MAG members and the Cross Keys.

Selected cakes and tasty tit-bits will be available for purchase – don’t forget that there’s no calories in a charity cake! 😉

3rd March 2015 Meeting

Hi everyone,

Tuesday is the first Leeds MAG meeting in March @ The Royal Hotel (LS28 8PR) from 8ish
I was going to say that it looks like spring is here, but on waking up this morning and opening the curtains I’ll save that for next time.

Politically it’s been quiet over the last two weeks but on the events side it’s been busy.

Tickets are on sale now for all the Yorkshire MAG rallies and if you buy all three at once online, you’ll get a limited edition t-shirt for nowt!

Austin Vince (Mondo Enduro) tickets are selling steadily. If you’ve never heard of Austin, he traveled the world with his mates on a shoestring on DR350’s and was the inspiration for Ewan and Charlies “Long way round” trip. He’s a brilliantly funny bloke with many hilarious and inspiring tales of his adventures. It was also announced this weekend that Mondo Enduro has been voted the number one motorcycle movie of all time in an online poll – don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet the man himself.

We’ve got a Spring party on 21st March at the Royal which should be a blast.

Finally, we’ve got Comedy night tickets for sale now for 31st March – we’ve got a guest comedian that you’ll not want to miss…….

Ride safe

Leeds MAG bargain hunt challenge is GO!

Leeds MAG went to Otley car boot sale and were challenged to buy one item to sell on eBay – ALL profits will go directly to MAG. All you need to do is click on “Leeds MAG bargain hunt” and all the items we bought will magically appear for your perusal. Feel free to bid on the (ahem) beautiful items chosen by our discerning members – remember ALL profits go to MAG to help protect riders rights. The winner will be whoever makes the biggest profit from the 99p start price and will win the Leeds MAG bargain hunt trophy for 2015. This auction finishes at 7 pm GMT on the 22nd of Feb, so get bidding!

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