Current Campaigns

Leeds MAG have started a campaign for motorcycles and PTW’s to be allowed to use bus lanes in Leeds. Currently motorcycles are excluded from using bus lanes in Leeds whether they are 24 hour or peak time only.

There are two possible methods of achieving the inclusion of motorcycles in bus lanes in Leeds. The first is to change the restriction on existing bus lanes.

The second option is to have motorcycles included as permitted vehicles in any proposed new bus lanes. With this in mind Manny and local MAG members have objected to the exclusion of PTW’s from a new proposed bus lane on Roundhay Road, Leeds 8. The objections were due to be put before the Leeds Highways department on 3rd September, but due to unforeseen circumstances were not presented. They were discussed at the next meeting of the Highways Board on Tuesday 1st October 2013. The Highways Board overruled the objections. Their reasons for overruling the objections raised have now been made public and can be found here

Leeds MAG are now registered with Leeds City Council as an “interested party” regarding traffic orders so there should be no need to look in local newspapers or on lamp posts etc to find out what is being proposed,