Duncan’s Italy Diary – Day 1

Dear diary.

Today was an unusual if not fearsome and frightening day. Today we set off to Italy on the MAG “Off ‘t’ see the doctor” tour 2015.

Amazingly enough everybody arrived just where they were supposed to be at the times they said they would.

It was a nice gentle ride to Ull to meet Das Boot and when we got there Sister Kate took charge and gathered the passports and took care of us by getting us on board which was great.
Once on board it really did feel real, dead nice to actually be on the way after all this waiting and planning.

We all got our official t-shirts and met in the bar before going to the restaurant to witness one of the wonders of the modern world, namely Brother Nettleships attempt to rid the entire ship of food, it was most spectacular.
Back to the bar for a bit then bed, got the top bunk from Brother Gav and thought that was a great score but after a while it turned out to be a bad idea.
Heat rises and within a few minutes it was hotter than Satan’s willy so I didn’t sleep that well, to add, gradually the oxygen that normally comes free with the cabin gradually changed to methane………..won’t be having the curry next time!