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MAG urges ‘joint approach’ to anti-social behaviour involving bikes

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The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), the UK’s leading voice for riders’ rights, has called on Leeds City Council to take a measured approach in partnership with local biking interest groups to address anti-social behaviour problems which occurred in October 2016.

‘MAG is completely in agreement with the authorities about the need to deal with the hooligan behaviour of a disruptive element of individuals in the area,’ says MAG’s spokesperson in Leeds, Richard Manton.  ‘The fact that these irresponsible louts happened to be on motorcycles has meant that MAG needs to ensure their antics do not reflect badly on real bikers, who have no interest in causing alarm and inconvenience to the general public.  We therefore offer our assistance in addressing these issues, and underline the importance of not penalising law-abiding citizens due to the idiocy of a small minority.’

The Council has introduced an injunction outlawing certain behaviours which could cause alarm, nuisance, harassment of the public or property damage.  ‘While the principle of the injunction is understandable on the basis that the Council felt it had to act quickly,’ adds Mr Manton, ‘we are nevertheless concerned that its very wide-reaching powers don’t inhibit lawful riding in the city.  The way it has been worded means it could end up being tested in court.  We’d like to avoid that by ensuring terms of understanding between ourselves on behalf of the riding community and the police and Council representatives on behalf of the authorities.  That’s what I’m doing now  – and I have to say we’d have done this even sooner if it had not been so hard to acquire a copy of the injunction and its wording – but we are where we are.’

MAG has been actively engaged nationwide with other local authorities to seek a lasting resolution to these issues.  The organisation is also set to approach the body representing police chiefs to seek a nationwide solution which protects the public without discriminating against legitimate riders.’

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